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The Plan was first published in 2019. CCP initiated a process of updating to reflect developments since 2019 and including amendments to comply with regulations published by the Scottish Government in 2021.

Public consultation took place in Crail Community Hall on the 4th November 2023, 10:00 to 12:00.


We have been guided by professional opinion, but the outcome and plan reflects how the people of Crail would like to see the town develop. The process has been strongly supported by the Scottish Government’s Making Places initiative and Fife Council. The Crail community are grateful for this co-ordinated support and look forward to it continuing into the ongoing delivery phase as an exemplar of community empowerment and planning. 

This Plan very much embodies the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 Local Place Plan approach (see Scottish Government Circular 1/2022 “Local Place Plans”) incorporating a “whole town” approach to placemaking – encompassing not only the built and natural environment but also community empowerment and service delivery relating to Land Use Planning, through full consultation. 

The Plan is specifically designed to tackle challenges to the local community’s long-term sustainability – including declining population and employment opportunities, 

access to housing for local residents, reductions in community facilities and public services, and opportunities for young people. 

This Plan addresses the wishes and aspirations of the Crail community in terms of land use planning so that it can be taken into consideration as Fife Council formulates its 

new Local Development Plan. It is also an action plan. It identifies the steps which the Crail community itself can take to achieve those aspirations. 

Overall, the document is an ambitious but realistic statement of community aspirations. It is work in progress and means nothing unless we can make it happen. The local community will lead delivery of this plan. 


The 2023 Crail LPP was submitted to Fife Council on the 18th December for the purposes of informing the Council’s Local Development Plan process to secure the continuing support from Fife Council and the Scottish Government. 

Crail Community Partnership December 2023 

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