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In 2018 and 2019, a Charrette was initiated by Crail Community Council and Crail Preservation Society. As a result,  Crail Community Partnership (CCP) was established in April 2019 and is a consortium of local community groups. CCP is a registered charity that works closely with Crail Community Council and others to help safeguard Crail’s future.

The charrette enabled the development of a Crail Local Place Plan that was launched in June 2019.. A clear consensus emerged that the community needed a plan to help shape and focus energy for initiatives, projects, future development and government policy – in order to tackle Crail’s challenges:

•Fragile businesses and services

•Retaining families & young people

•An ageing population

•Shaping future housing development

Crail LPP 2023

As a result of new Scottish legislation Crail Community Partnership decided that it was necessary to initiate a process of review and update for the LPP.  CCP completed a review process looking at the original LPP then completed a consultation process which ended November 2023. The final draft LPP 2023 was then sent to the required statutory consultees before being submitted to Fife Council on the 18th December 2023. 

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