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This report summarises the process and outcome of a Charrette conducted in Crail during 2018-19 to create a Local Place Plan for the sustainable development of Crail consistent with the long-term aspirations and wishes of Crail stakeholders, of all ages, social groups and degrees of community engagement. 

The Local Place Plan was designed to improve local capacity to tackle poverty, reduce inequality and promote social justice and is based on a range of long term strategic goals to improve the environment of Crail for everyone (page 6) with a continuing emphasis on enhancing the centre of Crail and developing further the current sense of community. These goals are:

  • Integrating New Developments

  • Extend and Connect Community Wildlife-friendly Greenspace

  • Develop Active Routes

  • Develop Community Facilities

  • Improve Coastal Walk

  • Improve Harbour Facilities

  • Improve the Town Centre

  • Develop Opportunities for Employment and Small Businesses

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