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Crail is blessed with a range of community buildings, all of which are assets to the community – but many have not seen investment for many years and lack the space and facilities for a full range of indoor sports, cultural and youth activities. With demand for more community activities like soft play for families and youth activities during evenings and weekends, the time is right to explore how the various community assets and organisations can work better together, what their future roles are, and where energy and investment should be targeted for maximum effect. Reinvigorating the community sector in this way is also likely to help increase community participation and capacity, to support delivery of the Local

Place Plan as a whole.


Community Aspirations

  • Community halls: strategic co-ordinaton of future roles and investment (Community Hall, Town Hall, Kirk Hall, Legion Hall)

  • Invest in Community Hall as mult-use community hub, including youth club, sports, men’s shed, music, library, bank, health services etc.

  • School capacity needs to keep abreast of new development.

  • Modernise children’s play areas and make more of the existng green community areas including Victoria gardens, Beechwalk Park, Roomebay, Castle Walk Meadow and the Putting Green.

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