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CRAIL CHARRETTE - 2018 - 2019

The charrette, which was initiated by Crail Community Council  and Crail Preservation Society, focused on the creation of a

vision for what people want for Crail in the future and the ideas and actions that can help make it happen.


The charrette is enabling the development of a vision for Crail’s

future. Clear consensus emerged that the community needs a

plan to help shape and focus energy for initiatives, projects,

future development and government policy – in order to tackle

Crail’s challenges:

•Fragile businesses and services

•Retaining families & young people

•An ageing population

•Shaping future housing development


With development pressures for expansion, now is the time to develop a sustainable plan for the community’s future based on this vision, to ensure Crail’s future well-being.


Crail Community Partnership is a newly established organisation which is a consortium of local community groups. The Crail Community Partnership is clear that it is essential to reach all sections of the local population through the charrette process. Something as fundamentally important as setting a 20-30 year vision for the local community needs to be based on broad input.

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There is to be a development for 320 new homes in Crail.


Recent Fife Council reports highlight:

  • “This is an older community. No work here, stops younger  families moving/living here”.

  • Gross income less than £300pw at 26%. Higher than Fife and Scotland.


  • Greater than 20% second home ownership.


  • A recent Rural Poverty Conference held in North East Fife (June 2018) highlighted issues in relation to transportation and connectivity, social isolation, fuel poverty and low incomes.

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