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Extending Green Spaces (Denburn Park) - Crail Local Place Plan

In the 1960’s before Denburn Park was transferred to Crail Preservation Society, Professor Dow had the foresight to make sure that Denburn Park would be protected as ‘open space.’ To create this protection. Professor Dow made legal Conservation Agreements with the National Trust for Scotland. Below is an extract from one of these agreements (there were two, one for the east section and one for the west).

Crail Preservation Society recently wrote to the National Trust for Scotland explaining the plans for Denburn Park, as extended public parkland space. On the 18th July the NTS Surveyor visited Crail to view Denburn Park and discuss the proposed changes. The surveyor was very supportive and put the proposal to the NTS Conservation Agreement Scrutiny Panel. CPS is pleased to report that on the 6th August NTS replied saying “they have no objections and are entirely supportive.” As such we will now continue to make plans that most likely will be implemented in 2020.

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