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Crail - Local Place Plan 2023

Welcome to 2024!  Our New Year’s resolution is to provide regular updates about our work on funding and developing community projects.

One of the most important jobs on our To Do list was completed just before Christmas when we submitted the final version of The Crail Local Place Plan to Fife Council.

The Plan reflects how the people of Crail would like to see our town develop. It tackles major challenges such as falling population and jobs, local housing, reductions in public services and opportunities for young people. It went through many revisions thanks to public feedback and suggestions and the whole process made clear how passionately everyone cares about maintaining CraiI as a lively, sustainable and beautiful community.

The Plan is available to view here Crail LPP 2023. We were one of the first communities in the area to submit a Plan and it will now be considered by the Council.

Watch this space.

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