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Crail Community Hall - Local Place Plan

One of the areas prioritised through the Crail Charrette was to work on future plans for the community facilities that we are lucky enough to have. How can we improve access, flexibility and their use. Should we be investing and developing them or closing them.

The Crail Community Partnership (CCP) has declared an interest in transferring the Crail Community Hall from Fife Council to CCP. This would open up the opportunity to apply for funding that would allow us to improve and retain the Community Hall. Already we have been given free consulting days by the Scottish Land Fund, to help us evaluate the future of the hall, with initial meetings starting next week.

Currently the hall is only used for badminton, table tennis, Crail Festival, a few weddings and occasional use by the school. If you would like to join the conversation about how we could use the hall more effectively in the future (and make sure it is never shut down), please call Dennis Gowans on 01333 450108 or email using

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